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Master Esthetician // Owner of Essential Spa // Product Junkie

After spending years working in higher education, I left behind the world of desks, pantsuits, and paperwork to spend more time with my young kids and rediscover myself. I spent a few years trying my hand at personal shopping but found my soul’s calling in 2006 when I enrolled in cosmetology school. Because I’d had problematic skin for most of my life, I’d already spent a lot of time looking for new products and solutions that professionals weren’t providing. It didn’t take much for me to turn that hobby into a career I truly enjoy. 


Now it’s thirteen years later and I’m still pursuing products with ingredients that produce real results. I’ve discovered that most skincare companies spend more on marketing than research and development. That’s why I believe the only true test of a product's efficacy is through scientific testing and documented patient outcomes.


At Essential Spa, I provide customized skincare — incorporating targeted spa procedures — and body sugaring hair removal to achieve healthy skin and graceful aging. We use natural and pharmaceutical-grade topicals to activate your healthiest skin at every age. We proudly invest in U.S. made equipment backed by patents and results. 


When you book with me you are given undivided attention, information, and a home care regimen that fits your lifestyle and budget. You will learn what ingredients need to be in your program and why. With me, your skin will evolve into the best it can be, right now and for years to come. 


Please give me a chance to earn your trust.  Book your consultation today and, together, we can take care of your birthday suit.

Steffanie Feliciano

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